Win one of 5 eShop copies of 'Soul Hackers' - find out how in here Polynauts.

Hey Polynauts, want a chance to win a copy of 'Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Soul Hackers'? Read on.

I've gone and hidden five eShop codes (you'll know them when you see them) and I'll give you clues as to where you can find these codes for the 3DS game which Danielle reviewed, inferring the dream of the 90s is indeed alive in Atlus.

Me say you can find eShop codes for this game on certain forum posts for the following clue-based games:

* The race of the 26th Century.

* The King should never play Tennis. It's not a Princely game.

* This Halogon season premiere was mainly memorable for the laughs.

* 'All the bravest' people know how to avoid in-app purchasing.

* If you smellllllllllll, what the Polynauts are cookin'?

Those all refer to specific games, and I'll let you find out what they are - they're not that hard. If you redeem a code please pop back here and let us know which it is so codes don't go unused.