Not the 9 I was sold on.

Expected MegaMan 2, got MegaMan 1.

I purchased Shovel Knight on Steam based on the review on Polygon. I will freely admit that I haven't put more than a couple hours into the game. What immediately has made me disagree with the scoring of a 9 on this sidescroller is the lack of smoothness. There's a polish to sidescrolling games that was adopted by virtually all developers after the first iteration and that is the idea that your character can accelerate and slide when they land. You see it with the evolution of the Mario games, you see it with the evolution of the MegaMan games. Your character just feels controllable.

Shovel Knight doesn't.

He's Mario 1. MegMan 1. He's rigid and unnecessarily frustrating to utilize. I know some people with feel this is part of the charm of the game. For me, it's not. And if you're like me, this is your warning.

Now this isn't to say that the game doesn't show promise. I will be forcing myself to continue playing it in the interest of seeing if the development of the character's toolset makes up for the lack of overall control of the character. Perhaps the boss fights will continue to be interesting enough that I won't care, but if you're picky like me. This isn't a 9. We're in the 7 range at best and it's going to take a lot to climb up from that.

So to those of you that have invested more time than me into the game, does this game payoff? Do you feel the same pains as me when playing it?