Updating "reviews" is broken.

I'll keep this as short and sweet as possible.

We are all glad that there have been some honest criticisms about EA's Sim City's DRM policy and how it has affected players. When Diablo 3 hit people questioned whether 1 review was fair and adequate for judging the game; many demanded second reviews once Error 37 was in full effect.

Polygon, striving to make a difference in the gaming blog sphere, decided to give multiple reviews on Sim City. Initial review, then another update, then another. While the cynic in me thinks this is just a hipster move to appease visitors that Polygon is indeed different, being understanding about "the why" is where I put my eggs first. It is good for the public to be aware of the server issues, however updating game reviews shouldn't be allowed.

If you do it for one game, you have to do it for all games. Where is the updated WiiU review now that it has been out and no new games? What about new review on Guild Wars 2? What will happen when Sim City balances itself back out? Will the review roll back to the original? Should we update Diablo 3 review since PvP still isn't part of the game?

You can't start updating reviews because fans demand it, or as a need to be different, this doesn't make sense for future games as well as when server issues resolve, as they will. I would say most visitors to Polygon are likely already aware of the server issues and don't need an updated review to remind them.

As we play games our expectations change and things evolve, if you said Halo 4 have hundreds of multiplayer hours in it but you ended up being bored with it at 50 hours, should you update your review? Is all of a sudden the statement that the game has hundreds of replay value during the initial review now invalid? What if I buy a game that you gave a 9 but then a week later you say "actually, this got boring quicker than we thought—its now a 7.5" what happens then? These are important questions and all have weight on the game.

Don't do this anymore and I hope it changes for the future. You can't be updating game reviews.