'Skulls of the Shogun' Polygon GIFaway winners announced

Okay the votes are in and you, the Polygon community have chosen your favourite GIF's entered for the first ever Polygon GIFaway contest. There were many great GIFs entered, but unfortunately there could only be five winners (three of which were tied for third place with 6 votes apiece as of 17:00HRS EST)

Congratulations to the winners listed below, if you could email me at shaun(at)polygon.com from the email address you registered with (so I can confirm it's active) in order to get your code that would be awesome.

For those who weren't so lucky - I'm sorry. But on the bright side we'll probably do this again in the future, so why not keep an eye out on our Twitter feeds, that's mine and the main Polygon feed so you'll not miss a chance when it comes.

First Place - Uninvitedguest (10 Recommends)

Second Place - Jowiso (7 Recommends)

Joint Third Place - Shadowsigma (6 Recommends)

Joint Third Place - Foxmcloud555 (6 Recommends)

Joint Third Place - chaosbirdomaid (6 Recommends)

Congratulations again to all who took part, you're awesome. Now, go enjoy some games.