I started to play Smite 3 days ago. Some podcasters on ign were starting to hype the game for the Xbox One release and I decide to give it a go on PC.

I wasn't interested in MOBA, I played a little bit of the dota mod on wc3, ages ago. It was fun during a LAN party, but the gamplay of mass clicking with auto attack didn't interest me (rts gameplay limited to 1 active character). Smite with a 3rd person action gameplay with the structure of a match of a MOBA is really enticing to me. So I tried it and I love it. It's the 3rd person multiplayer game that I wanted for a long time. It plays like Dragon Nest (for those who know) and it was my favorite gameplay in the mmorpg genre. The different modes are great. I manly played Joust (3v3, 1 lane), because there is less strategic for a newbie and more pvp oriented.

Today, I try to play the game with a Xbox One controller to know if it's a good combination. I guessed that it would be a good match, but it went beyond my expectation and it's going to be my main way of playing that game even on PC. The fact that the 4 abilties are bind to the face button to me is a lot better that the number keys in a action game, cause I don't have to writhe my hand to be able to cast a ability and keep moving (btw, I don't have a mouse with programmable buttons on it). I also prefer moving with a thumbstick to AWSD, it makes me more fluid, less robotic or trail-like (AWSD is great for FPS, less for TPS).

I know that I'm going to switch to Xbox One when the game launch, because they are also going to adapt the interface to the gamepad and the voice chat will be implemented (not a fan of VGS). I think that a lot of people will love that game on Xbox Live and I would not be surprise if it get to be Sleeper hit.