How to make "South Park:Stick of Truth" more like Final Fantasy

I see people complaining on forums that South Park and the Stick of Truth is too short. (12-15 hours long.) To many RPG fans, this is much shorter than we are used to. Well, I'm here to help all of you out with this. It's simple, really.

To make the game like the RPGs we are used to, follow these easy steps:

-Walk, don't run anywhere. Make sure it takes you a really long time to get across an area.

-Since we can't up encounter rate, since there are no RANDOM encounters, once you get to the end of an area, just keep reloading your save file to make it so you run into 5-10x as many battles as you otherwise would between points A and B.

-Beat the game 4 times. (Now it's like Bravely Default!)

Now the experience should be very similar to the JRPGs you are used to and the length that JRPG fans approve of. Of course, I say this as a fan of the genre, and I absolutely adored Bravely Default, but it's the truth. If you take the fluff out of most RPGs, many of them would be lucky to fit 12 hours.

Should South Park have made the areas larger, encounters more frequent, and more inane dialogue just to pad the game? Personally, I don't think so. But if you disagree, I hope this helps your masochistic enjoyment.