The Girl Problem, and how to fix it.



When I first got "South park: The Stick of Truth" I was thrilled to play it. I knew that one could not pick there Gender in the game and that did not stop me. I played the game, and when I finishing it I decided to Figure out why one could not be a girl in the game. Why did the Creators (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) not include the pick for a gender?


All the posts I have read have pointed to one point, and it is valid. The Boys and the Girls do not play with each other. In one Ep. of South Park they go to war and end up almost kill each other. This would lead to the inherent problem with a girl joining the boys and still be a fluent story. There's lots of posts on the subject yet I think I have the solution.

There will be some spoilers:

I will point where and when to insert gender specific events that would be believable to the story and not have to rework the whole game as a whole. Only changing any 'Him' to 'Her' and 'son' to 'daughter' over the whole game.

Its starts with the beginning and the meeting with Butters. The player is promoted to hit the 'Elf' who is beating up Butters. Butters thanks the player and asks if they want to join the game the kids of town are playing. Here the Developers could have put a alternate cut scene where Butters is surprised that a girl had helped him. he then could say that she might want to play the game the boys are playing. He then would take her to see Cartman who would insult Butters for bringing a girl. Butters (The Nice Kid) would insist that she might like to play the game and Cartman would begrudgingly say that she must prove that she can be one of the boys. The tutorial would play as normal only instead of wide arms on how to play the game Cartman would be 'testing' her. After repealing the 'Elf' attack Cartman is impressed and says she is worthy to play the game.



The Game from here on plays as normal, until the part where the player gets the girls to join the battle. The girls would look down at the female player for playing with the boys and as such would make fun of her. With Unplanned Parenthood, The girls simply point out that since the player is a girl and not apart of the council (and playing with the boys all ready makes her rather low) that she would be the one to go into the abortion clinic.

These are simple animation and Dialog changes in the game and keeps with the LORE of South Park.



What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree, Explain? Do you have any suggestions? Do you wish to see a Patch or DLC for the game that's like what I described for the game?

Thanks for reading.

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