Just completed this game. (Spoilers)

I have to say I didn't expect much of the story going in. I figured it would be some over hyped bullshit. When it was all said and done though...somewhere along the way it resonated with me. If I had to use one word I'd say "intense". There were a lot of fucked up moments in this game. I will say I didn't feel quite as strong as some people, for example I know several journalists/gamers apparently just walked away from the game at points because it was "too much". I never really felt like that.

The White Phosphorus and the whole thing with the Water tankers, and the aftermath of those events were interesting. I feel like the story really grabbed me later on though. Throughout the game your character just starts losing his fucking mind (as you find out he literally has lost it). I love small details like, if you tell a squad mate to take out an enemy your character Walker will say something like "Take down that enemy". By the end of the game he'll say something like "I want that fucker dead!!!". It's cool to see the transformation of him and your squadmates as the game progresses.

It's a shame the gameplay really isn't all that great. I played through on easy, just to get the story experience and even then it was still a chore at times. It's not a BAD game. It's completely serviceable. Just not up to snuff, with its peers. If it had been this could've been something pretty amazing. As it stands it ends up being an average game, with a really good story. Oh and the soundtrack is pretty damn good.

Anyways what were your thoughts on the game?

P.S. Are there spoiler tags on this site and if so how do you use them? ^_^