Tell Us Your Story

Alright Battlefront fans. I wanna hear an epic story you have while you were playing Battlefront! It could be a close battle, a funny moment or anything in-between. I'll start.

I'm playing on that map, the medical facility on that meteor, and my forces are getting decimated. My clone forces couldn't compete with the Confederacy in the close-quarters combat. We lost our forward command post and got flanked. Within five minutes I was the last man standing. Against me there was 50 Confederate soldiers waiting to spawn.

I set out, sweeping a command post clear. Then I ran. My strategy was simple: keep moving and capturing each command post. I'd loose the other one's but it gave me the ability to stay ahead of the infantry hunting me down. I set up ambush points through the hallways: lob a few grenades down them and then fall back. I did this for four minutes as I thinned them out. But they finally had me pinned. Outside were two tanks waiting to gun me, in the base was 14 infantry swarming me. Crouched down I unloaded everything I had. And then the game stop.

It read "Victory"