Where are all the Starcraft 2 Polynauts at???

Seeing the popular forum themes in the left panel, I suddenly had the brilliant idea to look up Starcraft 2. How awesome would be it be to discuss SC2 with the wonderful community here at Polygon? The search completes and I click SC2:WoL, and BAM! Soul crushing disappointment hits me as there is one thread, with one reply. Is SC2 really that small nowadays? Or have all the SC2 players failed to congregate on here as they all probably stick around on Team Liquid? Either way, I hope we can change that, and I really doubt it will be me that does so but gosh darn it will I try! I am just a Gold nub myself (Zerg), but if anyone else plays, we should try to expose the awesomeness that is SC2 to our fellow gamers, as the game (once you get past the insanely tough difficulty curve of learning) is unparalleled in my opinion. Anyone else have similar sentiments, or should I just go home at this point?