So, who are your favorite characters thus far?

See the title; the game's been out for close to a month, most of us have had time to experiment, and I'm curious which characters everybody's liking.

Personally, my new favorite is Shulk. He's really well-balanced, the Monado Arts let you tweak his stats on the fly, his Vision counter is nasty, and Back Slash is just brutal if you can unleash it on a crowd of other players from behind (which happens more often than you'd think). Only real downside is his that his Smashes are slow to come out, but at least they're powerful enough to make up for it (especially with the Smash Art active)

Robin's pretty great, too, though the cooldown when his items break can be a problem, and he doesn't really have a good go-to move in Sudden Death, which has cost me a few matches with him. I'm also liking Duck Hunt, partly for the troll factor, partly for the fact that people seem to misread him a lot, and partly because I found a palette swap that looks a lot like my dog. Greninja's OK, but I seem to have problems with him online; a lot of times when I try to do his recovery move, the game lags and misreads it as his forward dash, which invariably kills me.

Sadly, I'm not too fond of Mega Man in the final release, and he was my favorite character in the demo; he just seems to get mobbed and taken down too easily for my tastes.

As for veterans, I'm finally liking Captain Falcon again, since they seem to have gotten his balance right after the nerf he received in Brawl (though his forward Smashes are still in the screwed-up state they've been in since Melee). Diddy seems vastly improved from Brawl, and though Pit's received a much needed nerf, he's still very good.

I'm still feeling out some of the rest of the cast, but those are my impressions thus far. How about you guys?