Sad about the latest trailer

I've been rather interested in this game for a while now and got excited to see the latest trailer, but it actually turned me off a bit.

Reason: The violence.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one to shy away from a game just because of violent content. But this trailer felt somewhat disgusting. I mean, here we have a game about werwolvy thingies (?) in a steampunk world set in a 19th century environment, alternative history stuff or whatever ... and what do they have for showing us?

Blowing people up in slow motion. Close-range camera sniping. (Of course, in slow motion.) Smashing a guy's face into a fence. Electrocute-shooting (?) a man's head off, leaving a bleeding stump.

In the "story trailer", no less. Is this what they think is interesting about their game? Or is it what they think will interest us about their game? Again, I'm not really offended by the violence per se, but rather by the weird focus on it. Or not even offended, more like ... bored? I get that they probably don't want to show too much of the halfbreeds angle yet, so it'll be more exciting when playing the game, and I also understand they want to present the game as actionfilled as possible now that people have been complaining forever about it just being QTE cutscenes ect., but still ... it felt off.

I really hope there's more to the game than "every way you ave killed people in videogames before, done again".