Is the Stanley Parable surprising or disappointing ?

Hey guys !

The HD version of the Stanley Parable just came out this week on Steam.

Based on an Half-Life 2 mod, the Stanley Parable is sold at a price of 15$. The goal ? Find the end, but which end ?

Choices, choices, choices, all our lives are defined by choices. Make a game about that, name it the Stanley Parable.

The voice narration is so insane, the narrator has very good acting skills and the story is entertaining and intriguing at the same time.

We discover differents ending, and we'd like to discover more and more endings but the problem is, there's not a real ending. This game is very enjoyable when playing at it, but we have this strange impression of unsatisfaction when we stop playing at it... This game is so surprising and disappointing at the same time, all reviews about this game say that is an amazing game but I still don't know what to think about this game... Have you the same sensation about this game ? Isn't it disturbing ?