Thief 4 Pre-Impressions (Primpressions?)

The Thief series is by far my favorite game series. I love stealth games, and the original Thief brought true first-person stealth to the forefront.

I know the game is still over a year away, but some information is out from Game Informer's coverage and Q&A with the designers. The game seems promising and the impression that I get is that the designers are trying to satisfy the Thief purists out there, myself included. Some main sticking points:

-- You're a thief, not a soldier.
-- You can beat the game without killing anyone and you can beat the game without knocking anybody out.
-- Lots of collectibles, sets, loot.
-- Single player only. No competitive multiplayer or co-op.
-- There will be a "Focus" ability for assistance, which is completely optional. I assume it functions like Tomb Raider's Survival Instinct, where you press a button to highlight things, but is otherwise completely avoidable.

The designers generally seemed to emphasize stealth first, not action and it's great that you can complete the game by only skulking around. Single player only hopefully means there's no tacky multiplayer that would divert resources from creating an awesome single player campaign. Lastly, I loved trying to find every last piece of loot in each level of the other Thief games. I hope they do the same with the new one.

Anyone else looking forward to the game?