Is Titanfall fun on PC?

I played the game on Xbone for most of the week. Tonight I watched some Twitch of people playing on PC and the game didn't look as fun that on Xbone. The feeling of vulnerability, of chaos and heratic gameplay wasn't there. What I saw, it's people doing headshot and killing other player so fast that I found it kind of boring. Seeing another player was seeing a soon to be dead player. On Xbox One, the fact that the controller lacks in precision add to the fun. You are never sure that you're going to kill a player, you don't run around with a sniper and one hit kill everybody in close or long range. The skirmish last more that half a second. Sometime, you get hit in the leg and you jump, turn around and empty a magazine on the motherfucker before you are able to kill him. On PC, he saw you, headshot you, finish... I also found that minion could not keep up with the player, they are so easy to kill, that they cannot spawn fast enough and the maps start looking empty after some minute.
I really feel like the mouse and keyboard takes away most of the fun and would like to know what you think about it.

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