Titanfall less addictive than previous/similar games?

In the "Titanfall for Vita that wasn't..." article, BRANDiD indicated that "the excitement wore off and the game is kind of boring...because there is little emphasis on winning." I wasn't as rabid about the game as I expected I might be, but wasn't sure why and this comment really resonated with me.

I'm playing on the 360, so I just picked it up a couple weeks ago and I've made it through nearly the entire first generation, but I'm not sure that I will continue to play it in the volumes that I used to play COD4, MW2 or the Battlefield series.

As I thought about it more, I realized that nearly every round I am just trying to get my titan quicker and then focus on destroying the other titans on the map. Capture the Flag is about the only mode that really makes me feel like the team works together. Even Hardpoint ends up seeming like a team deathmatch.

I think the voiceover status check (we're ahead, but the Militia aren't far behind) is a nice feature, but it doesn't seem to really motivate different play out of anybody. Others chimed in about changing the *GET TO DA CHOPPA!* segment at the end of each round to only be used in close matches.

Does the game have any responsibility to encourage better teamwork? Is the nature of the challenge/leveling system contributing to the individualistic behavior? Is it because we are all just working towards our titans, objectives be damned? Could changes to the scoring system correct that? Should it? Is it better to have a game that is less focused on winning/losing as a team and seemingly more focused on providing an experience that is fun for individuals?

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