The Division Weekly: March 28: Intelligence is a Rounding Error

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Hello Polygon Community. It is here! The Division is out and has hit the ground running. There are a pack of us playing regularly, so. I will be maintaining a community thread for us to gather round the fire to share stories, speculate, and pass around some advice. Each week I'll round-up some articles with interesting information, and try to keep the interest and intrigue bubbling.

Next week's post is up

More of us have hit the level cap and are exploring the Dark Zone and/or waiting for the Incursion to drop. So, what are you up to? Get any great ideas for builds? Any pet peeves or improvements to suggest?

Oh! And we still don't have a release date for the Operation (formerly called an "Incursion"). If any one gets a date, let me know in the comments.

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