The Division Weekly: April 4: Split your Resources

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Hello Polygon Community. It is here! The Division is out and has hit the ground running. There are a pack of us playing regularly, so. I will be maintaining a community thread for us to gather round the fire to share stories, speculate, and pass around some advice. Each week I'll round-up some articles with interesting information, and try to keep the interest and intrigue bubbling.

Next week's thread is up

April 11 Thread

The Incursion (now called an Operation) will be coming out next week. Yes it is still free, so everybody can take a crack at it. I suspect more of us will be looking to team up and coordinate some runs at this harder content. In the meantime, what are you up to? Get any great ideas for builds? Any pet peeves or improvements to suggest? I have found the Vector High-End blueprint to be super inportant after hitting level 30. It made the Challenging missions much more doable.

PSA: Backpack Bug: Users such as PureNomad are reporting repeatable bugs that won't let them log in.The issue seems to be related to: " having too many weapons fully modded that overflow an hidden capacity. Rumours you can’t exceed 64 items". So don't mod every damned thing you find!

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