Smash Bros Open Ballot: Who are you voting for?

Just what the title says; who are you all casting your ballots for to become the next Smash Bros. DLC character?

I went ahead and voted for Bayonetta. I realize that her being from a rather explicit M-rated series might make her seem like an unlikely choice, but hear me out. Nintendo did decide to not only fund and publish Bayonetta 2, but funded a Wii U port of the original game as well to make sure people got the chance to play both titles. As such, it's clearly a series they wanted to be associated with, and including Bayonetta as a character would strengthen that association, as well as possibly encourage sales of the games themselves.

Bayonetta also has a lot of options in terms of how she could be incorporated into the game; she has a wide variety of moves and weapons at her disposal, and the Smash design team could pretty much make her into whatever kind of character they wanted; she could stance-shift between weapons, she could be a brawler, she has lots of options for projectile attacks and recovery, and some spectacular Final Smash options as well.

The only real barrier I could see is that they would have to tone her down somewhat...maybe not as much as you might think, since her outfits aren't really any more over-sexed than Zero Suit Samus, but they'd have to tone down some of the hair/nudity mechanic (although that was even toned down a bit in Bayonetta 2), keep the innuendos out of win quotes/taunts, probably no torture attacks, etc. Still, given all those caveats, I think she'd make a damn good addition to the cast.

So that's my pitch. What's yours?