Convince me


First, a little history.

I started WoW in Vanilla, in 2005. I solo'd until level 35 or so, then joined a casual leveling guild. Once a lot of us hit 60, we became a casual raiding guild. When ZG came out, we became a serious raiding guild.

When BC came out, we were serious about leveling, gearing, and starting the raids. At our peak, we were ranked #13 on our server.

WotLK came out and we continued on. I started burning out. Raiding started to seem like a job, and not a fun way to spend my free time. I left WoW.

Cataclysm came out, and I was sucked back in. I didn't rejoin my guild, (they transfered servers anyway), but solo'd the content. Got 2 of my old toons to 85, and took a Goblin there as well. Started a Worgen and got it to 82 before stopping again.

Blizz sent me an email recently telling me I had 10 free days to try MoP. (I had briefly tried the beta. took a monk to lvl 7, but quit because of beta suckiness before finishing starting area) Today, 3 days into my 10, I finished the starting area and headed to Org. (Lok'Tar Ogar!)

Is MoP worth purchasing? I could take my old toons up to 90 durring my free trial, but I still need to wrap my head around the new skill method, so leveling from scratch seems better. Is MoP worth the cash for someone who has zero interest in raiding, or even running instances. I doubt I'd join a guild, unless it's a casual leveling guild.

Please, help me decide.