WWE Raw Rewind : Royal Rumble Fallout (28/1)

Tonight on RAW, the Road to Wrestlemania continued with the fallout from Sunday nights Royal Rumble.

Lets' recap in bullet points:

  • The Rock addressed the WWE Universe regarding his title win at the Rumble over CM Punk. During which, of course, Punk interrupted and allowed Rock a 'rematch' for his stolen WWE title in three weeks at the Elimination Chamber PPV. It sounds like they're looking to protect both Rock and Punk by making this a one-on-one match. The winner will obviously go on to Wrestlemania and defend the WWE Championship against....
  • The winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble, (groan) John Cena. Despite his inability to wrestle this guy still wins the big victories, and tonight was no different. He rolled over Cody Rhodes in less than two minutes - which would be okay if it was a DQ or countout, but this was a pinfall. NO!
  • Rock will meet John Cena for Rock vs. Cena II on April 7th. And this time I imagine Cena will win..
  • Jericho came out, and seems to be in a program with Dolph Ziggler as it seems he's stuck in a holding pattern until February - so I'll look forward to that.
  • Wade Barratt spun tonights RAW Roulette wheel and earned a "players choice" decision. He chose to face the man who eliminated him from the Rumble, Bo Dallas (son of legendary performer IRS). In a few minutes after the bell rang the Intercontinental Champion Wade Barratt found himself on the wrong end of a three count, with the NXT rookie taking home a victory. I imagine we'll see a ton of this guy in the months agread
  • Randy Orton defeated Antonio Cesaro in a guest referee match after The Miz (who was guest referee) caused a distraction for the Viper. Miz and Antonio is on for Wrestlemania it seems.
  • Finally, during Paul Heymans performance review it was revealed that The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins) were indeed working in cahoots with the manager of the former WWE Champion CM Punk. Heyman was paying for Brad Maddox, and the Shield to take out the opponents of Punk. Eager to get rid of the evidence Heyman decided it would be easier to have The Shield hammer ten shades of crap out of him - and by now you're asking how would I know all this? There's a bloody camera in their secret meetings. Either way, as Vince was about to deliver his verdict the Titantron went and flashed Brock Lesnars intro and the former UFC/WWE Champion Beock Lesnar hit the ring, saved Heyman and laid out McMahon. Messy.

So there we have it, three hours of Monday Night Raw - sometimes one hour is enough - but mostly the groundwork was laid for Wrestlemania 29.

Did you enjoy the Rumble, and Raw? Sound off below.