Is Xenoblade Chronicles X worthy of being called the Fallout of Nintendo?

I've been hearing how this game is the new Fallout, and how it is the Fallout of the Wii U. After all, the world is bigger than that of Fallout 4.

To investigate this, I've been playing and streaming this game into my Youtube channel, but have noticed the exploration isn't really parallel to that of Fallout, obviously, but something about the exploration doesn't feel right.

For example, when going from place to place, one can tell they are going the right way if the enemy levels don't sporadically jump from level 4 to 30. So this exploration is vastly limited. Also, there aren't many interesting places: it's mostly just an empty world how wildlife is. There isn't much incentive to explore single-player since there aren't locations.

In Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4 (the comparisons), most of the locations are distinguishable from one another, and most of the time there is loot or something interesting that keeps the momentum of exploration going. There is incentive to see what is next in the wasteland, unlike Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Or maybe the comparisons are a joke: they're both two different series. What do you think?

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