Share your Polygon Community ZombiU diaries


Hey Survivors / Polygon community Polynauts. I'm wondering if you would like to have a bit of fun with your ZombiU experiences now you've had a chance to break that nice new console in.

What I suggest is that you start a blog for your ZombiiU experiences, covering each survivor. Write about what exactly you do with them and if necessary - how you met your end.

Start a new topic in the ZombiU forum by clicking here, and give it an imaginative title like 'My Journey through Hell, AKA London." You can update your post whenever you like by clicking here, or keep the updates to your specific posts comment section to promote discussion with your followers.

The WiiU hasn't launched here in the UK yet so for now I cannot participate, but when I can I'll be picking this both the game and system up (because really, you can't play the game without the console Shaun).

I look forward to reading about your zombie survival tales.