Messages in ZombiU

I'm confused about the messaging system in ZombiU.

For those who aren't familiar: ZombiU has a messaging system similar to Demon's/Dark Souls, where gamers can leave messages in the world that other gamers can see. The community can then rate the messages as trustworthy or not.

While D/D Souls limited the messages you could leave by making you construct sentences out of pre-selected words and phrases, ZombiU takes it a step further by making you leave your message using pictograms. Other players need to scan them with their GamePad scanner to see the user who left it as well as the rating.

My question is on translating the messages. When I scan a message, I don't see any actual text, just an indicator that there's a message there. Do they get translated or transcribed somewhere, or am I supposed to be interpreting the pictograms? If I am supposed to be interpreting them, is there a dictionary in-game? I've been through the tips and hints in the backpack and haven't found anything.

I think it's got the potential to be a cool system, it just seems unnecessarily confusing. Anybody else playing ZombiU with advice on how to use the message system, or thoughts on whether it works or doesn't?

ZombiU is easily my favorite experience on the system so far. Granted it's only been a week, but I'm not regretting my WiiU preorder.