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Permadeath is just the beginning in Survived By, from Human Head Studios

‘Free-to-play online bullet-hell style roguelite.’ Anything else?

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The newest game from Human Head Studios, which recently launched The Quiet Man with Square Enix, is Survived By, an offbeat early access game that seems to tick all the boxes of genre development.

Billed as “a free-to-play online bullet-hell style roguelite,” Survived By is a “massive online adventure” in which permadeath and one’s descendants play the largest role in the telling of a player’s story.

Survived By was originally announced this summer and recently had a closed beta. The game launched in early access on Steam yesterday. Human Head made it clear the game is not complete and mistakes and problems will be obvious during players’ encounters with the game. The Steam page touts “expanded character progression that really makes you feel like death is just the beginning.”

Currently, Survived By features 15 dungeons, six character classes and more than 250 enemies. “The end game is still a work in progress, but a lot of the early and mid game is in place,” the developers write. Survived By is for Windows PC and is published by Digital Extremes.

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