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Warframe’s Empyrean gets a surprise Game Awards launch

To the stars!

In a surprise announcement at The Game Awards, Digital Extremes revealed that the newest expansion for Warframe is now available for PC. Empyrean is an expansion based around large scale spaceship combat and four player co-op. It’s launching with three zones: Earth, Saturn, and Veil Proxima. More will be introduced further in Warframe’s development.

Empyrean is meant to be friendly to new players; anyone who has unlocked an Archwing will be able to queue up to join another player’s Railjack, where they’ll be able to earn both Empyrean experience and level up their standard gear.

Warframe’s quick combat is still present in Empyrean, but the entire experience plays a little more like Sea of Thieves. Players have to keep their Railjack repaired, create weapons and energy, and gun down waves of enemy ships before they’re overwhelmed.

Before Empyrean, players on the PC received the Rising Tide update. Rising Tide is now live for players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This pre-Empyrean update allows players to construct Dry Docks in their dojo along with the rest of their clan. These docks will allow players to research and build their own Railjacks.

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