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First Riot Forge game, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, trailer revealed

The world of League of Legends is expanding even further

Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

During The Game Awards, Riot Games revealed its first Riot Forge project: Ruined King: A League of Legends Story for PC and console.

Ruined King is a single-player game in development by Airship Syndicate, which is known for Darksiders Genesis. The trailer featured the spirits in Thresh’s lantern bursting out and doing something, then rushing over to Bilgewater, the pirate region known for its docks.

Riot Forge is Riot Games’ new publishing brand, which will work with other developers to create more games set within the League of Legends universe. Riot Games is already working on a fighting game, an action RPG, and a card game, Legends of Runeterra, in-house within the League universe, as well as a new IP first-person shooter.

Ruined King focuses on Bilgewater, but based on the concept art we see on the Riot Forge website, more games are coming, possibly set in the Freljord, Zaun, and Piltover.