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Street Fighter 6’s June launch date confirmed

The first Street Fighter on Xbox in almost 15 years

Street Fighter 6 launches June 2, 2023, Capcom announced Thursday at The Game Awards 2022. The latest installment of the fighting game mainstay will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

Thursday night’s trailer toured the full launch roster of 18 combatants, from Ken and Chun-Li to Dhalsim, Guile, Cammy, and Dee Jay, who officiated an introduction of the new characters in a tropical setting. They are Jamie, JP, Kimberly, Lily, Manon, and Marisa, seen in action for the first time, above.

Capcom has already confirmed three modes for SF6: Fighting Ground, which focuses on the classic fighting game experience with modes from previous games in the series; World Tour, “an immersive single-player story experience”; and Battle Hub, which sounds like a social area for player communication.

Street Fighter 6 will be the first Street Fighter on an Xbox platform since Street Fighter 4 in 2009 (and its customary super/ultra/arcade rereleases). 2016’s Street Fighter 5 skipped the platform entirely thanks to an exclusive licensing deal with PlayStation.

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