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The depths of Dredge coming to Dave the Diver in December

Dave the Diver takes on Dredge’s monstrous fish

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Watch out, Dave! The grotesque fish of Dredge’s spooky world are invading the depths of Dave the Diver, developers MintRocket and Black Salt Games announced during The Game Awards 2023. Dave the Diver is getting a free update to bring Dredge into Dave’s world. The update will be released on Dec. 15.

And honestly, it’s a crossover that makes a ton of sense. It’s not often we see two exceptional fishing games in one year! Dredge takes players into a creepy, tormented world where fish are grotesque monsters, and one would never think of getting in the water with them — it’s strictly fishing from the boat. Dave the Diver, on the other hand, puts Dave directly in the water to spearfish creatures that are normal, but still scary. But instead of selling the fish he catches, like in Dredge, Dave takes them to his sushi restaurant to cook up food for the community.

Looks like questionable fish are on the menu! Here’s what else to expect, via a news release from MintRocket and Black Salt Games:

  • A new “fog” weather event, which introduces the Dredge content later in the game
  • Drive Dave’s boat similar to Dredge gameplay, choosing different diving spots
  • Catch Aberrations, unique creatures with diverse attack patterns
  • New night map to explore
  • New weapon, the Drain Gun (can be created using Aberrant material)
  • New “Hooded Figures” to serve at Bancho Sushi using unique dishes created from Aberrant fish

Beyond the Dave the Diver update, the developers are also setting up the Dredging and Diving Bundle that discounts both games. Dave the Diver is available on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC, while Dredge is on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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