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Game of Thrones fans are torn on that scene between Jon Snow and Daenerys


Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 - Daenerys hears from Jon about his true identity HBO

Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” featured a moment many have been waiting for since the start of the show. Naturally, the internet had a lot to say about the revelation.

At the start of season 8, Samwell Tarly tells Jon Snow the truth: Jon is actually Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Learning about his true lineage is a bombshell for Jon Snow, but more worryingly, the information sets up a huge problem for the pouting heir. Jon spent season 7 falling in love with Daenerys, only to find out he’s been sleeping with his aunt this entire time. Yikes.

Jon proceeds to brood in the crypt, as one does, where Daenerys finds him on the eve of the Battle of Winterfell. Here, the know-nothing tells Daenerys the truth — and she’s shocked. Curiously, Daenerys skips right over the romantic implications of the secret and immediately points out that Jon has a stronger claim to the Iron Throne than she does. Before they can discuss it any further, however, the Walkers arrive.

We have no idea what’s going to happen next, but the possibilities are messy. Daenerys has spent the entire show hellbent on taking the throne, and Jon poses a potential problem for her aspirations. We know she can be ruthless when it comes to the crown, but we also know she can show some empathy, too. This season has spent a lot of time questioning what kind of ruler Daenerys could be, and whether she would follow in the footsteps of the Mad King, who was unfit for the throne. The hope, as noted by Tyrion Lannister in the last episode, is that Jon and Daenerys can be just, kind rulers together.

But can Daenerys see beyond her burning ambition? Does she see Jon as a genuine threat, even when it seems obvious he has no desire to rule anybody? Will love save the day? Or is a relationship impossible now?

The next few episodes are going to be a shitshow — many characters will likely die, and the fate of Westeros remains uncertain. The tension between Jon and Daenerys only complicates things further, because even if the humans survive, politics promises more ugliness.

Watching the internet’s reaction to this whole ordeal has been wonderful, because it adds some much-needed levity to the knotted affair. Some people think Jon is an idiot for telling Daenerys this information before the big battle. Others are obsessed with Daenerys’ single-minded reaction when her claim to the throne is threatened. No matter where you land on that scene, it seems as if everyone has something to say about the moment.

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