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This person won Game of Thrones and Twitter has very, very strong feelings

Wait, WHO had the best story?

The Night King surrounded by dragonfire — Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3
No, this isn’t a photo of the winner of Game of Thrones. We brought back our old pal, rather than spoil the finale.

Game of Thrones delivered on its tactic promise: someone actually won the game. As with any big sporting event or video game release, folks have take to social media with what can generously be described as passionate feelings.

To be extremely clear: I’m about to dig into major spoilers to the series finale of Game of Thrones.

Twitter currently has a lot of thoughts about Bran ending the show as king of the six kingdoms. Many folks feel it’s a confusing choice for the final episode. So the Three-Eyed Raven has just been kicking it this whole time, knowing what has come before and what’s about to happen, but he’s cool with it all because he gets power at the very end?

We can argue about the nature of causality and how maybe everything had to happen in this specific way for peace to be restored, but on the other hand ... with all these gods and supernatural plays taking place to put Bran on the throne, maybe one of those omniscient beings could have been a bit more proactive about finding a solution that didn’t require so much killing?

It all seems a little evil, doesn’t it?

And like the writing couldn’t quite decide how to retroactively justify itself?

And the way fate as a device just kinda folds in on itself feels bad in genera?

You have to think that Drogon was the only character who had the right idea; just fly away and let the humans clean up their own garbage fire.

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