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The explosive details Game of Thrones could still pay off in the last two episodes

From dragon fire to man-made fire, five key pieces that are still on the board

tyrion and wildfire - game of thrones HBO
Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Game of Thrones made its name on details. Side conversations in season 2 turn into the Red Wedding in season 3. Small, seemingly insignificant choices could seal a character’s fate forever.

The last couple of seasons have shifted away from the details to the larger plot, but the show still isn’t afraid to bring loose ends and characters back from the past. While some fans are still hoping for a massive surprise like, say, a previously unseen, fourth dragon (a theory without much evidence — sorry), there are quite a few loose ends that could come back into play in the last two episodes. Here’s a look at the past in anticipation of the future.

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 - Drogon and Daenerys HBO


Drogon, the last surviving dragon, is perhaps the most obvious of all the remaining plot devices, but it may not be clear why based on recent events. For six seasons now, people have been telling Dany that she shouldn’t unleash her dragons on her enemies. His power can’t be underestimated; the dragon is basically a giant flying flamethrower that could possibly melt a castle.

Back when Aegon the Conqueror started the Targaryen dynasty, he and his sisters took over all of Westeros with three dragons and under 3,000 troops. He also had Balerion, the largest dragon in Westerosi history, melted Harrenhal (though he was about twice as big as Drogon). As long as he doesn’t get big-crossbow’d, Drogon wouldn’t have much of a problem helping Dany take one city like King’s Landing.

Now that the world, and her terrible advisers, have taken everything from Dany, it seems like exactly the time for the show to make good on those dragon warnings and show us exactly how powerful Drogon can be.

wildfire explosion game of thrones HBO


Wildfire has popped up on Game of Thrones quite a few times, usually making an explosive appearance when things look bleak. Tyrion used it during season 2, when King’s Landing looked like it was on the brink of being taken by Stannis and his navy at the Battle of the Blackwater. Cersei used it to blow up the Sept of Baelor in order to get herself out of a difficult situation with the Faith Militant and the High Sparrow. And the Mad King himself, Aerys II Targaryen, attempted to use wildfire to send most of King’s Landing up in smoke when he knew that he had lost the war against the rebel and future king, Robert Baratheon.

Since we’ve already seen Cersei use wildfire to get out of a tough spot, it would make sense if she sought to deploy the extremely dangerous weapon against her enemies and her subjects alike if Dany were to take King’s Landing. If the show wants a surprise, maybe we’ll even get to see Dany use wildfire, fulfilling a questionable paternal legacy.

bran warging in game of thrones season 8 Helen Sloan/HBO

Bran’s powers

Bran can see into the past and maybe even the future. Over the last several episodes, he’s only revealed that he used these powers to ... build himself a cool wheelchair? Scope out the battle via raven warging? There may be a larger purpose behind the Three-Eyed Raven powers than that. It’s not clear what kind of information from Westerosi history he might need to reveal or investigate, but this would be a perfect way to bring his powers back into the plot.

Game of Thrones 702 teaser - Arya and Nymeria HBO

Nymeria’s wolf pack

If there’s anything standing in the way of Arya and whatever she intends to do (or kill), there could be time to bring back a not-so-lone wolf: Nymeria. The last time Arya and her direwolf met was back in season 7, when Nymeria was leading a pack of wolves around the Riverlands. It’s possible their meeting was only intended to give Arya a wake-up call and push her to head to Winterfell, but the possibility of another direwolf showing up again, especially with Ghost off to beyond the cracked Wall, is on the table.

daario in game of thrones season 6 HBO

Daario Naharis and the Second Sons

Thanks to a little bit of post-Rhaegal-death confusion, we don’t really know what’s left of Dany’s army. Did all the boats sink? Was everyone killed but the few people we saw wash up on the shore of Dragonstone? Was only Missandei captured and killed, since that’s all we were shown? We’ll find out in episode 5, but Dany is in need of an army, the good news is that she’s got one waiting in the wings right across the Narrow Sea in Meereen.

Daario Naharis, Dany’s onetime lover, has stayed behind in the Khaleesi’s former capital to try to keep the nonexistent peace there with his army of sellswords turned Daenerys loyalists, the Second Sons. He hasn’t been in the show since the last episode of season 6, but if Dany needs an army, pulling Daario back into the “game” would make a lot of sense. Of course, they’d have to get to King’s Landing by boat, and that hasn’t worked out well so far for anyone allied with Dany.