The Choices 2013 Bundle includes PiD, Richard and Alice

Indie Royale's current collection of games, The Choices 2013 Bundle, is offering PiD, Richard and Alice and six other titles for less than $5 (at the time of this post). As more people purchase...

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Full Indie Summit to feature Mass Effect and Mark of the Ninja devs on April 10

The Full Indie Summit, a new game developers conference set to take place in Vancouver, Canada, is scheduled to run April 20 on a shoestring budget. In response to GDC Canada, a game developers...


Arcen Games new title Exodus Of The Machine is coming this year

Arcen Games next title, Exodus Of The Machine, is a strategic journey game set in the AI War: Fleet Command universe, the studios founder Christopher M. Park announced on his blog. The game will...


A Valley Without Wind 2 is an unlikely marriage of strategy, platforming and RPG

Arcen Games' A Valley Without Wind 2 is a combination of gameplay elements and style that don't typically coexist. Strategy, platformer and classic role-playing concepts are stitched together in...


A Valley Without Wind 2 beta available now through Steam

A Valley Without Wind 2, a platforming adventure with turn-based strategy elements, is now available for pre-order and beta access, PC Gamer reports. In A Valley Without Wind 2, players take...


Indie Megabooth brings 30 devs and more than 30 games to PAX Prime

The Indie Megabooth at PAX Prime this year will feature a team of 30 independent developers with over 30 playable games. With a unified effort organized by the independent games development...


'A Valley Without Wind' update comes with new city building system

The 2D action side-scrolling, tactical combat game with no linear path, A Valley Without Wind, received a major overhaul today with its version 1.2 update, which adds new systems and improvements. ...


'A Valley Without Wind' hits Steam today

Arcen Games' A Valley Without Wind goes on sale on Steam today. Arcen Games' much-anticipated 2D sidescroller A Valley Without Wind hits Steam today. A Valley Without Wind (AVWW) is an indie...