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Platform Win, PSN, PS Publisher Crystal Dynamics Developer Silicon Knights Release Date Nov 1, 1996

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Nosgoth appears on Steam database, War for Nosgoth mentioned in AMD driver patch logs

An entry titled Nosgoth appeared on Steam's database, possibly hinting at an upcoming Legacy of Kain game. According to Eidos Games' forums, "Nosgoth" and "War for Nosgoth" are also mentioned in...


Silicon Knights unloads property, closes office, continues battle with Epic Games

Too Human developer Silicon Knights, still battling a $4.45 million judgment that favored Epic Games, is down to just a few employees, has closed its office and has sold off office equipment and...


PlayStation Vita workaround transfers PSOne Classics from PlayStation 3

A PlayStation Vita workaround will transfer PSOne Classics from the PlayStation 3. YouTube user FistFullofPotions shared a video today, posted below, showing how to transfer PSOne Classics to...