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A Steam survival game that actually feels new

Dyscourse is a brand-new survival game that stands well apart from the doom and gloom of the genre. With a colorful cast and cartoonish art style, it's a wackier, cuddlier alternative to games like...


Dyscourse Kickstarter campaign closes with full funding

The Kickstarter campaign for Owlchemy Labs' psychological adventure Dyscourse closed this morning, having exceeded its initial funding goal of $40,000 and pulling in $44,134 from 1,816 backers. O...

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Six minutes of survival on Dyscourse's deserted island

Owlchemy Labs released a six minute video today (above) showing unedited gameplay footage from its PC, Mac and Linux survival game, Dyscourse. In the video, Owlchemy Labs founder Alex Schwartz...