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Virtual Reality

This is how you die alone: Hands-on with horror VR title Narcosis

Narcosis is a slow meditation on what it may be like to slowly die alone. You're an undersea miner cut off from the surface and any support, and your goal is to survive. You always seem to be low...


Here's a taste of the stuff of nightmares: Lost in the ocean's depths in a walking coffin

I had a chance to drop into the claustrophobic, Oculus Rift-empowered world of Narcosis during GDC earlier this year. It was a memorable experience delivered by a young team of indie devs hoping...


TrinityVR making an 'affordable' motion controller that works with virtual reality

TrinityVR launched a Kickstarter campaign today for the Magnum, an affordable motion-controlled gun tracking peripheral that works with virtual reality applications like the Oculus Rift. Speaking...


Exploring the frightening depths of the ocean's abyss in a walking coffin

The developers call it a walking coffin and after a few minutes of play time using the Oculus Rift I understand why. The virtual atmospheric diving suit is confining, claustrophobic when viewed...