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Box Art N/A Platform Win, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Publisher V7 Entertainment Developer V7 Entertainment Release Date Mar 28, 2017

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Can indie sports games fill the gaps that EA and 2K Sports have left open?

No video game genre has higher barriers to participation than sports. Users typically expect league-licensed work, even for arcade-style games that don’t aspire to simulation, season-long...


Old Time Hockey misses the mark on what makes arcade sports games last

Arcade sports games are basically dead these days, which is one of the main reasons V7 Entertainment made Old Time Hockey. The genre alone would be enough to make this game stand out, considering...


This arcade hockey game is going back to the violent 1970s

Hockey isn’t the same sport it was 40 years ago. You could certainly say the same for the other three major professional sports in North America, but here’s some perspective: It wasn’t until the...