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Pro bowling gets back to the mainstream with its first video game in 30 years

Another pro league returns to the ranks of sports video gaming


Want to get big on Twitch? Stream one of these five games

Twitch has become a way people consume games, but it's also become an important way to market games, and you can tell much about how a game is doing in the market based on its patterns on the...


If you thought Dark Souls was hard, try Titan Souls

Death is inevitable in Titan Souls. Playing as a tiny pixel human, players get one arrow and one hit point. If they fire their arrow, they have to retrieve it in order to fire it again. If they...


As Project Spark beta begins, players seek new creative paths

Early demos of Project Spark focused on the game creation tool's natural metre of third-person fantasy combat. But it turns out that this level design sandbox offers a lot more variety. Project...


Payday 2 update can make you an infamous plague doctor

Infamous is what you become when you've done it all in Payday 2 and you don't mind tossing aside some progress to build yourself back up as a pro. According to Overkill Software's official site for...


Patterns now available for direct purchase

Linden Lab, best known as the creators of online virtual world Second Life, will sell their sandbox game Patterns directly on, the company announced. Patterns is a 3D universe...


Poking the box: Why Linden Lab creates shared creative spaces

Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Lab, is proud that his company doesn’t create content. Most games are stories. There’s a beginning, middle, and an end. Link begins as a powerless boy and, over the...


'Resident Evil 6': The pre-launch dev postmortem

Ask Resident Evil 6 director Eiichiro Sasaki what he thinks about his project now that it's nearly on sale, and the impression he gives is that he's just glad the thing's done. "I think the...

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Google examines gaming search trends, statistical model says ad clicks can predict sales numbers

A new study from Google analyzed two years' worth of gaming-related searches to come up with some facts, figures, and interesting insights into fans' desire for information on their favorite games. ...


'Second Life' developer reveals newest game 'Patterns'

Second Life developer opens the door to Patterns, their upcoming game. Second Life developer Linden Labs revealed its next upcoming title, Patterns, in a gameplay trailer for the 3D world building...