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How Prodigy's turn-based tactical battles work

A new video from Hanakai Studio demonstrates how players of Prodigy, a turn-based tactical game, will use their real-life figurines to fight in the game's virtual world. Prodigy, announced earlier...


Hanakai Studio's Prodigy uses NFC to marry the real with the digital

Prodigy, the tactical role-playing game from veteran figurine maker Jean Bey's Hanakai Studio, is aiming to seamlessly blend the digital with the real. The game is a blend of tabletop and video...


Figurines, cards and video games come together for RPG Prodigy

Jean Bey, veteran figurine modeller and tabletop game designer, is returning to game development with a new tactical role-playing game called Prodigy, French indie developer Hanakai Studios...