'Resident Evil 6' TGS trailer shows everyone in dire straits

Capcom released a new Resident Evil 6 trailer today, showing the game's many characters in dire situations. The trailer, which was created for the Tokyo Game Show, follows the game's many...


PlayStation 3 Super Slim unboxed in PlayStation Blog video

The PlayStation 3 Super Slim model is the subject of an unboxing video today on the PlayStation Blog, highlighting the redesigned console's bundle and diminutive size. The video highlights the...


'Diablo 3' data-mining reveals PvP rewards tokens, deathmatch mode

Data-mining of the Diablo 3 client following the game's latest patch has revealed files pointing to new player-versus-player rewards tokens and a new deathmatch mode, reports Diablo Fans. The new...


Four-disc 'Portal 2: Songs To Test By (Collector's Edition)' set available October 30th

Portal 2: Songs To Test By (Collector's Edition), a four-disc set featuring the complete soundtrack for Portal and Portal 2, will be available on October 30th, Valve and record label Ipecac...


'Pocket Planes' now available on Android

Pocket Planes, NimbleBit's airline management simulator, is now available on Android devices via the Mobage gaming network. Pocket Planes, NimbleBit's airline management simulator, is now...


'Bayonetta' and 'Vanquish' developer Platinum Games wants to take its action games to PC

Platinum Games talks about PC development, Kickstarter-funded games, and becoming its own publisher. Platinum Games, the developer behind console action games Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising:...


NES Zapper hacked to add 'absolutely terrifying' blue laser

Be careful when playing around with North Street Labs' NES Zapper, which the Portsmouth, Virginia-based "hackspace" modified with a high-powered blue laser — you'll burn your eye out, kid. Be...

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'Assassin's Creed 3' is less about the climbing, more about the killing

The new visual language of the Assassin's Creed universe.

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Wii U to release in New Zealand November 30th starting at $NZ469.95

Nintendo's Wii U console will go on sale in New Zealand on November 30th starting at $NZ469.96 (approximately $US386) for the Wii U Basic Pack and $569.95 (approximately $US468) for the Wii U...


'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn' lecture extols a shared future for humanity

In the newest Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn teaser, "Lecture," a teacher of UNSC cadets tells his students why they must all contribute to the continued existence of humankind. In the newest Halo 4:...