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Hardcore space sim Starfighter Inc. is back on Kickstarter with a lot to show

Starfighter Inc., the hardcore space combat simulator, is back on Kickstarter with a smaller initial ask and a lot more to show for itself. Impeller Studios has had a rough time. Its first...


Starfighter Inc. struggles to manage expectations, unveils single-player stretch goal

Originally billed as "World of Tanks meets Counter Strike in space" when it launched on Kickstarter just a few days ago, the team behind Starfighter Inc. has added new gameplay modes in the form of...


X-Wing designer has launched a new dogfighting game on Kickstarter

One of the creative minds that led the design of the X-Wing series is part of the 15-person team behind Starfighter Inc., which launched on Kickstarter just yesterday. David Wessman, as well as...