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Platform 360, PS3, Win Publisher Electronic Arts Developer Starbreeze Studios Release Date Feb 21, 2012



Syndicate review: The price of progress

The Syndicate reboot had two strikes against it before most players even knew it existed. It carries all the emotional duress inherent in a modern...

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E3 this year will admit thousands of fans

This year's E3 will include a first for the 20-year-old annual international gaming convention in LA: limited public access. While E3 has traditionally been an industry event which doesn't...

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U.S. Department of Education: The future of education includes video games in classrooms

A lot of modern students spend as much time playing video games as they do attending school, according to research by University of Indiana. Some may view that as a shocking affirmation that video...

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South By Southwest celebrates gaming, but doesn't quite embrace it ... yet

The single hour I spent hanging out in The Four Seasons' lobby waiting for an interview earlier this week shows just how unhinged from reality the annual South By Southwest gathering in Austin can...

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Turning video gaming's great grub into meals you can really eat

Saturday night I whipped up a batch of Minecraft Mushroom Stew. Earlier in the day, I walked through some recipes, debating internally whether the stew found in my son's favorite video game was...

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2014 in review: Video games are a rich source for fascinating stories

Amputees playing video games with phantom limbs; live rock operas shaped by video games and audience participation; diversity; addiction; death threats; soft wars: Video games are such a...

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When should a death threat count?

Sometimes social media, places like Twitter and Facebook, can be a great place. Sometimes. But often those online services can be something far worse, harmful even. At its worst, social media is...

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Call of Duty Endowment more than triples veteran job placements

Last year there were nearly three-quarters of a million unemployed veterans in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor. And it's likely going to get worse as the military continues to...

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Why Oculus Rift and the latest attempts at virtual reality are bound to fail

Despite the soaring plaudits from professional technophiles, despite the growing support from the video game industry, the latest run at mainstreaming wearable virtual reality is doomed to be a...

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In the shadow of a $2.5 billion deal, one famed game dev slips away

The biggest gaming news of the day wasn't the $2.5 billion purchase by Microsoft of the studio behind massive-hit Minecraft, it was why the game's creator chose to sell and not stick around after...

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Video games trick you into thinking you're in control, and that's bad

I can give you control of this story by simply writing five words: A man enters a room. Instantly your mind is racing, giving substance to that room, life to that man. Perhaps it's a wood paneled...