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Monetizing trolling in a game that evaporates a year after it goes live

It's been nearly a year since husband and wife development team RobotLovesKitty first rolled out its high-concept perma-perma-death, audience-participation action troll game: Upsilon Circuit. And...


Three indies discuss the future of free-to-play games

The phrase itself conjures up emotions. The free-to-play model as it's been used in the last few years is divisive. Some see it as a way to lower the barrier to entry, to invite players into games...


Upsilon Circuit is a game you can play only once, and when it ends, it's gone forever

The husband and wife development team at RobotLovesKitty that once lived in a treehouse has a wild idea for its next project. Imagine a game you can only play once, where, when you die, you can...