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Platform Wii Publisher Nintendo Developer Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development Release Date Jul 26, 2009

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World-record time in Wii Sports Resort Golf brings out the best of speedrunning (correction)

Agony, thrills and amazing shots beat a big name’s mark

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Monster Factory: Turbovicki faces her final showdown in Wii Sports Resort

On the last episode of Monster Factory, a Wii Sports Resort star was born: Turbovicki, the big and unconquerable all-around athlete. She's fared well in the series of sporting challenges thrown her...


Nintendo Land: The postmortem interview

The Wii U is out worldwide, stowed under Christmas trees or already set up in family rooms across the continent. Bundled with the Deluxe Wii U console, Nintendo Land has a pretty hefty task to...


Nintendo Land for Wii U brings mini-games based on Zelda, Donkey Kong to showcase GamePad

Nintendo Land for Wii U is a theme park game that teaches players how to use the Wii U GamePad. Nintendo will release Nintendo Land for Wii U, a game designed to showcase the Wii U's unique...