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Life By You asks: What if The Sims spoke real words?

WWE 2K23’s MyRise story mode is a slow burn that’s worth the effort

Some 8BitDo controllers now work with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV

Sonic Frontiers’ free DLC is coming to tickle your Sonic Adventure nostalgia

Tchia stands on the shoulders of Zelda — then leaps off

Xbox hoping to launch mobile game store as early as next year

Zack Snyder let slip he’s making a ‘ridiculous scale’ RPG video game based on his new movie

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s new story trailer brings back two fan favorites

Outer Wilds’ excellent soundtrack is getting a vinyl repress

Capcom made a cute children’s anime ad for Resident Evil 4 inspired by Hayao Miyazaki

With Team Rocket retired, are these the Pokémon anime’s new villains?

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We asked the Olympics why their official esports are so weird

There is (some) method to the International Olympic Committee’s madness

The best PS5 accessories

The Last of Us is the latest video game adaptation plagued by the same problem

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The Mass Effect modding scene did what BioWare couldn’t

‘If you love Mass Effect and there’s something you want to see in it, you can make it happen’

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