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We're Polygon and we want you on our team

drop the zero and get with the hero

As we hurtle towards the launch of our homepage in the coming days (it's at if you still haven't bookmarked it) we're looking for a few more staffers to join us here on the ground floor. What do we need? Well, so glad you asked (click on job title for description and application process):

  • Game critic: This is a rough job where you have to play video games and then tell people what you think of them. No, actually, just kidding, it's the best job. The only hitch is you have to be the best to do it. And, ideally, live in San Francisco or NYC.
  • Features writer: Love people? Love games? We want you to tell their stories. If you haven't seen the features we've done already, we invite you to do so. If that's the kind of work you want to be doing, we'd love to have you.
  • Senior reporter (Sydney): We need someone to cover Australia's gaming scene full time and the rest of the world while we're asleep. If you're capable of keeping tabs on an entire continent/planet on your own, we need you.
  • Video Director and Editor NYC and San Francisco: We've been making video we're really proud of as we head towards launch, but now we want more. Specifically: We want you to make more for us.
  • Product Manager: This person will work behind the scenes to make Polygon the best it can be. Working with editorial, advertising and all of Vox's other teams, the Product Manager is the hand on the rudder that keeps us on course.
  • Support Manager: If the Product Manager is the ship's captain, the Support Manager is our scrappy engineer. They'll make sure the bugs get squashed, ensure that new features are implemented properly and work to help our passengers have the smoothest ride possible. By passengers, we mean readers. We think. We've sort of lost the metaphor.

If you're interested, just click on a position to read more about it and apply. If you're not a great fit for any of the above, great news!: Vox Media is looking to fill a bunch of positions, as you can see on our job board. If you have any questions, please drop a line to feedback at polygon dot com, otherwise, get cracking on those applications, we can't wait to have you on board.

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