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Press Reset: Episode Six - 'Hot Scoops'

A note from Brian Crecente, News Editor:

There was a time so very long ago, but somehow still less than a year ago, that I wondered what I'd do with all of those months facing me before the launch of Polygon.

I drew up elaborate plans for elaborate stories and plotted out research projects to fill what I assumed would be magnificent gulfs of, perhaps not leisure, but certainly journalism at a relaxed pace.

That illusion lasted maybe a week.

Before I knew it Griffin McElroy and I were hammering out responsibilities, researching news-gathering methodology and newsroom management technology. We were discussing style and ethics. There were hundreds of applications to sort through, journalists to interview. We were hiring. We were training. We were writing.

In months, we went from a news team of two to a team of nine in three countries. From a collection of strangers, to a modern newsroom.

It was a year that started as a stroll, but somehow became a fast walk, a jog, a run, a sprint.

We've already written thousands of stories, covered events around the world. But we haven't even started yet, not really.

- Brian Crecente, News Editor

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