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Welcome to the Vox Games alpha

Vox Games
Vox Games

People have been asking us, "What is Vox Games going to be?"

The real answer? We don't know yet. Vox Games is the temporary name we've gathered under while we work, in parallel, on the much larger task of building an entirely new site. The only guidance we're offering on when you'll be able to enjoy the results of those efforts is "2012." We're not in a rush.

So what are you looking at right now? We had no plans to hide in the background while working on The Site so, as I've been saying, we're crashing on The Verge's couch while we build a new house. Being a temporary home, we're taking the opportunity to experiment and we're treating this launch as an "alpha" ... meaning not-yet-beta. For those of you unfamiliar with software release jargon, that's early. We haven't even shared our name yet!

To celebrate the launch, we'll be rolling out a mountain of feature content, reviews, and more this week. This won't be a pace we maintain throughout the year, but we wanted to share our goals with you and also begin to define our voice. Oh, and we didn't spend the last month-and-a-half sitting around, so there's that.

We'll also be sharing this page with the writers from The Verge, whose gaming coverage will flow into this hub. And we'll also be hiring plenty of new writers of our own. What I'm saying is, you can expect to see plenty of unfamiliar names over the coming months as we grow.

So what is Vox Games? It's this. It's a shared experiment from some of the smartest games writers I've ever met and I couldn't be more proud of the work they've already done and will continue to do. Follow along at home, won't you?