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The Last Story hits Wii this year, Mario Tennis Open dated

Mario and Co. hit the court on May 20

The Last Story
The Last Story

The Last Story is hitting North American Wiis later this year, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said during this morning's Nintendo Direct online broadcast. Developed by Mistwaler and AQ Interactive, the action RPG was released in Japan last year.

Also in the presentation, the company showed off action tower defense game Dillon's Rolling Western, which features about 20 hours of gameplay and (as announced during the broadcast) arrives on the eShop today.

The nearly 12-minute video also included a chat about Kid Icarus: Uprising, specifically the game's multiplayer and "weapon fusion."

Last up was Mario Tennis Open, which Nintendo pegged today as a May 20 release. The fast-paced action sports game with a "surprising amount of depth," features local wireless and online gameplay for up to four people. You can also use the 3DS' built-in gyro to look around the court during matches.