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Former EA Tiburon devs form PixelFoundry, announce RTS BlackSpace


If the classic, Bruce Willis vehicle Armageddon taught us anything, it is that setting up mining operations on asteroids isn't a job for everyone; especially Steve Buscemi. If you think you're up to the task, you'll be able to test your mettle with BlackSpace, a real-time strategy PC title from ex-EA Tiburon developers Volga Aksoy and Jerry Phaneuf's recently revealed, Orlando, Florida-based development studio PixelFoundry.

Speaking to Joystiq about some of the game's inspirations, Phaneuf explained, "I personally am a huge fan of games like the Wing Commander series. I also am one of the few that still think RTS when someone mentions Warcraft. If it's done properly, many elements of those two games can be melded."

BlackSpace tasks players with the management of an "intergalactic mining operation" on the surface of a roving asteroid. The developer's site explains the title has "an emphasis on economic and defensive efficiency," and that players will need to smartly manage both mineral and human resources while occasionally engaging in "elements of action." We learned from Dead Space that sometimes, space-mining leads to space-monsters, so we'd suggest you keep your space-foreman's head on a swivel.

PixelFoundry hopes to release the game on unspecified digital distribution platforms "as soon as possible." For now, you can watch the fairly quiet, enigmatic announcement trailer below.

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